New Bingo Sites

A cuppa and some online bingo – now that was definitely a combination that was made for each other. Imagine walking into a bingo hall with your fluffy slippers, PJs, bed-head hair, no make-up, a cuppa and a TV with Corrie playing – people would say you were mad. So thank god, online bingo was invented back in the year of 1996!

Honestly, I don’t think us bingo players could cope without online bingo now that we’ve had a taste of it.

Well, you can rest assure that this will never happen as online bingo isn’t going anywhere, and with all these brand new bingo sites joining the industry – the choice is practically endless. Plus it’s available 24/7 that means no more waiting for your local bingo hall to open. It’s entirely up to you for how long or how little time you wish to spend to playing some online bingo.

There are so many different styles of online bingo gaming too: there’s the original and traditional 90 ball bingo that practically every new bingo site offers. There’s a newer version which is 75 ball bingo and is known as the US version. There is even an 80 ball bingo version now that can go by the name of ‘shutter board bingo’ and don’t forget those good old free bingo games either.

If that’s what’s been made available in the last 14 years, imagine what will be available in the next 14 years! Who knows you might be able to play multiple bingo games at once!

But before you can start playing any online bingo or side games on any of our listed new bingo sites, you’ll have to go through the registration and deposit process first. This consists of filling out a form with your contact details, payment details, submitting it, choosing a username and nickname, making a deposit, purchasing bingo tickets. This may sound a bit daunting at first, but the whole process only takes a couple of minutes.